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Colorful Chalks


Print out and complete the admission application form. Please complete a separate form for each child. Email the completed forms to


Choose a class for your child

This year, we offer four classes:  

  - Ukrainian language 1. 2. 3. 4

- musical drama 

- learning through play

- PE and active play 

Ukrainian language 1 - for beginners aged 6-7, most of whom attended the class "Learning through play" last year and have a basic knowledge of the Ukrainian alphabet and writing most letters. Children will learn the Ukrainian alphabet through individual methods, selected according to the level of knowledge of each child's language, with elements of the game. Children will receive small homework and handouts. Class size - minimum 4 and maximum 12 people.  

Ukrainian language 2 - for children who are already fluent in the alphabet, but still not fluent in reading or writing, age group 7-9 years. This class aims to master the skills of free reading and writing. Handouts and textbooks are provided. Class size - minimum 4 and maximum 10 people.  

Ukrainian language 3 - for children who read and write in Ukrainian, but need to improve their grammar skills, reading skills and vocabulary. Age group - 8-12 years. Handouts are provided. Class size - at least 4 and up to 10 people.  

Ukrainian language 4 - for children who read and write well in Ukrainian, but need to improve their grammar skills, reading skills and vocabulary. Age group - 9-13 years. Handouts are provided. Class size - at least 4 and up to 10 people.  

Drama and musical theatre is a class for children aged 7-13, in which the students will create their own version of traditional Ukrainian Christmas vertep during the fall trimester, which will be performed on the big stage during the Ukrainian Christmas celebration at the end of the term.  

Learning through play is for children aged 3-5, the purpose of which is to learn letters and acquire basic skills of reading and writing through play in an informal and interesting environment. Children of this age are mostly still unable to concentrate on something for more than a few minutes, so this format is built with this factor in mind - children will be offered several different options for learning the letters, where each child will find something interesting! In each lesson, children will learn 1-2 letters of the Ukrainian alphabet, learn the skills to recognize letters visually, put them into words, reproduce them on paper or board, associate letters with words that begin with those letters (eg Ukrainian "A" - shark, angel, etc.), learn to distinguish between the Ukrainian and English alphabets and realize the existence of different languages and the ability to name things differently. 

The format is designed for children raised in different language environments (Ukrainian or mixed) and is designed for absolute beginners, so it will not be optimal for children who have already partially or completely mastered Ukrainian alphabet and showed a positive result from learning in a more formal environment. For such students. class Ukrainian 1 will suit better.

Given the specifics of the age group, the presence of parents or carers is allowed during classes - but our experience last year has shown that our youngest students do not need parents in the classroom!  

PE and active games is a format for children aged 4+ who love active games and sports. This is a great opportunity to learn Ukrainian active games under the guidance of a qualified coach from Ukraine. Class size - up to 10 people.

In all classes, existing students are registered as a matter of priority, and admission of new students is possible only if there are vacancies. 


Our fees

The Sunflower Project is not commercial, sponsored, or subsidized, so enrolment and pre-registration are essential because they allow us to pay rent, compulsory insurance, purchase books and study materials, cover expenses associated with production of musicals on the big stage, and so on.  


The full term fees are payable in advance of each term.

Cost per term for one child:

Ukrainian language - £ 80

Ukrainian drama and stage performance - £ 80

Learning Through Play - £ 80

PE and active games - £80

We provide discounts for families with more than two children. 

We reserve the right to cancel a class or classes for which the minimum number of students will not be registered, with a full refund to those who registered.


All admissions require prior registration and payment

We will offer free places to children of the parents who arrived under the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine Scheme (subject to availability of places)

Existing  students: parents will receive an email. Separate registration is not required, as places are guaranteed as a matter of priority.   

New students:  If you want to register your child for any of the classes we offer, please fill out the application form  and email it  at .  A separate form must be completed for each child. You will receive a response by email with details of registration and payment. Mid-year admissions are possible subject to availability of places in the class of your choice.

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