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Every child learns differently

We have a wonderful team of like-minded people who are united by the desire to make our children love and want to know the Ukrainian language, be able to communicate, read, sing in Ukrainian - and this can only be achieved if you make learning interesting.

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Irina Tymczyszyn

Founder of the project, teacher of Ukrainian language and drama

Irina graduated from Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute named after Drahomanov. She is a teacher of Ukrainian language and musical drama, as well as the author and arranger of many children's songs created for various classes of our school, and a playwright and director of music and drama projects of our school. Irina has developed her own methodology for teaching the Ukrainian language to children living outside Ukraine.  Teaching musical drama is based on the wishes of children - the class together creates characters for each play, invents costumes and scenery, and each participant in the play chooses his character and embodies him. Irina is also a director  and choreographer of music and drama projects of the school.  


Anna Golovatyuk

Ukrainian language teacher

Anna graduated from the European  university and has extensive experience  individual to group teaching in Ukrainian and English. She works creatively, implements various methods, uses an individual approach to each student. In the process of learning,  she achieves creative self-expression and high results of knowledge of students, which opens up great opportunities. Creates the necessary conditions for the development and self-realization of the individual and encourages learning new things. Helps to reveal the mental and creative potential of each student.

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Ivanna Tymczyszyn

Teacher of  class "Learning through play"

Ivanna is a graduate of the Ukrainian school "Sunflower", which she attended from the age of two, and where she mastered the oral and written Ukrainian language. Ivanna was born in London and is a top academic student at one of the best schools in the UK. She loves working with children, and plans her lessons to make it fun for kids to speak Ukrainian and learn to read and write Ukrainian, and to make the kids feel that knowing Ukrainian in England makes you more popular with friends in English school and gives you more opportunities. 


Mykhailo Bokii

Teacher of  class "PE and active games"

Mykhailo graduated from the Economic and Legal College of the Zaporizhzhya National University and received a diploma of junior specialist in physical education and sports. Mykhailo is a Master of Sports of Ukraine and a two-time champion of Ukraine in ballroom dancing.  Mykhailo is currently in his third year at the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, studying "Coaching in the chosen sport (ballroom dancing)", and in partnership with Ivanna Tymczyszyn he competes at the international level in the Youth-2 and Amateur ballroom dance categories, representing England.

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